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Taking war to the next level

Been doing a bit of searching around the topic, so far nothing really, must be another super utopian thought(like legalize marijuana) but if VR and all these decades of shooter games can have a surreal positive impact on society that would definitely be moving wars into VR. All states would have to agree, and the […]

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Research: Tales from the Dome

For a great many users, the experience of DMT transit is consummated in the sensation of having gained admittance to an Ur-space of primary wisdom. While there is great variation, such a “space” is commonly perceived as a revered “vaulted dome”; the ultimate destination to which one arrives following a passage that is commonly fantastic […]

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CC / Form follows function

Attempt to solve the problem of exploring all possible build-able shapes from a given set of various triangles. Defining the joint: a point in 3D space joint matrix: a list of all joints in the scene shape matrix: a matrix of boolean values with columns and rows equal to the total number of joints, storing […]

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