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Journeys thru the extrovert and introvert mind blowing universes. FREEXTA explores a culturally borderless sonic space, using a variety of tempos, styles, feelings and mindsets, reflecting and complementing various altered states of mind.

Are you thinking of something ?

“Are you thinking of something ?” makes it to the greater streams, amazingly announcing a new release coming up on the 12th of November, FREEKMINDS RECORDS in partnership with SoundCloud made possible the beginning of getting the music out there across the globe. Launched at OPENLiNE #02, London.

BOOMTOWN 2019: FREEXTA(formerly Freaksta) in the CYBERDRONE


Exciting times at BoomTown, bringing higher level grid fractals to life inside DISTRIKT 5 CyberDrØne 360 dome with inner-verse visions projected for immersive shared experiences driven by a shattering Tekno / Mental / Hardtek / Tribe live set.

Analog / Digital Hybrid installation for direct hack into the subconscious to awaken rebel minds that will join this year’s aNti Bang Hai Industries secret Bass Hackers movement.

“Bang Hai Industries Bass Politics have to stop, BoomTown citizens need to reclaim the power, A.M.I. cannot have control over our reality!” – BoomTown Hacker, 2018

The Transubstantiation of Knowledge / Rachel Ara / V&A

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