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Bye bye Edward Bernays (wip)

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Life, the mother of all mediums and host of all experiences, the very stream of existence feeding everyone’s perceptions at hyper speed frame rates.

Without a doubt, humanity has not found it’s ideal habit configuration, the many forms and shapes our organising took is a mere scratch on the surface of what reality really is, most of everything before 2020 is created using distorted or completely illusory references, hence the heavy misalignment and separation between our way of life and planet Earth’s way of life.

Have always imagined panic and greed to be the ones that made key heads throughout history, repackage unfinished experiments into life styles, up-scaling in rush the first working solution for upgrading commodity, easy to see the trend escalating within capitalism a couple of centuries ago.

Was the wheel and the roads it chugs the Earth with really the one to upscale on a living planet with totally irregular surfaces? Were monetised polluting energy sources really the single direction to be taken by the whole planet? Could people in the 16th century make great decisions without an understanding of the roundness of the planet they live on?

Like every other epoch, ours is for us to create, we could not accept ideologies based on incomplete information to dictate the way we live today and those who come after us should not accept but rather challenge and take further the work we are doing in our lifetime.

Not long ago, Edward Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud, was selling the soul of humanity to US government and corporate businesses, using his uncle’s explorations in understanding our mind’s workings to create structures of mass control via manipulating the fear, need, addiction and subconscious strengths and weaknesses revealed by Freud.

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