FREEKMiNDS is a neo-tribe that celebrates freedom, love, arts, music, dance, balance, nature, the hyperspace and the mysteries of life while aiming to contribute to establishing and maintaining an authentic relationship between humans, psychedelics and the multiverse.

Launching soon, stay tuned, we will want to hear from you!


Surprisingly and to our joy, even before launching, FREEKMiNDS successfully co-produced an UK-India-Canada Sci-Fi flim, “://T.O.S./” involving James Marks, Andrew McLuhan, Andra Ciacoi, Steve Snooks, Phil Tidy, Colin Foster, Bhuvana Meenakshi, Krzystof Szkoda, Jay Creagh, Luciana Haill, Ajay Chhabra, and myself (Marius Matesan).

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